The PALiISaDS scholarship includes significant benefits beyond the annual financial aid package. Scholars can expect engaged mentorship from a dedicated faculty member and graduate student in their field of study, monthly events designed to broaden their knowledge and improve their chances of professional success, assistance with graduate school and employment applications, and an emphasis on community-building within and across Alliance campuses. 

2023 PALiISaDS Cohort

Alicia Alvarez, CSUEB

Ruben Bravo, CSUMB

James Cha, UCSB

Allen Choi, CPSLO

Roxanne Dimadi, UCSB

Abby Drongpa, CPSLO

Daniel Grilli, UCI

Faran Igani, CPSLO

Jiin Kim, UCI

Yandy Lema, UW

Gabriel Mendez, SDSU

Patrick Moon, UCSB

Roee Morag, CPSLO

Leyana Nabi, SDSU

Moncerat Navarro Carpio, CSUMB

Harley Nguyen, UCI

Lisa Nguyen, SDSU

Tracia Pan, UW

Liam Quach, CPSLO

Daniel Ramos, UCSB

Joseandres Reynoso, CSUEB

Dulce Rodriguez,

Jessica Amara Siron, SDSU

Mishelle Taborga Lenz, CSUEB

Thu Tran, CSUEB

Alyssa Walter, CSUMB

Irena Wong, UCSB

Jeffery Yu, SDSU